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Association of Climate Change Officers
Newman Conference Center Baruch College, 151 East 25 Street New York, NY
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Institutionalizing Climate Change into Decision...

The Association of Climate Change Officers and Baruch College are hosting a special Climate Week event, Institutionalizing Climate Change in Decision-Making, featuring institutions that have been developing and implementing solutions to build institutional capacity for sound climate change action and preparedness.  Attendees will hear insights from senior officials in public and private sector organizations, bond rating agencies and experts from the nonprofit and consulting communities.

Climate change already impacts how the natural, built and human systems, and it will increasingly continue to do so well into the future.  Successful organizations will design programs and products, build cities and infrastructure, and run businesses and institutions with an eye toward planning and preparing for prospective and likely changes to climate norms.  Doing so requires forward-thinking organizations to re-evaluate governance, job descriptions, performance expectations and training requirements.

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