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End Of Petroleum
New York Open Center, 22 E. 30th Street, New York, NY 10016
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 Hydrino energy represents a new energy source that is more explosive, cleaner and cheaper than fossil fuels. Many people believe it is impossible that something of this potential can exist. They are wrong. We are scientists and environmental advocates who worked in this area for years. A top academic physicist and the ex-Director of Research at Greenpeace is on our team. We are not selling technology, we are raising awareness about an entire industry that can impact civilization.

For an introduction to hydrino energy this CNN segment features one player in this new industry. Then, listen to Kert Davies - ex-Greenpeace Director speak about this new industry. In this talk, we will explain what hydrino energy is and what it means for the investment community, charitable foundations, and those working in climate, energy and environmental equity. An answer, or THE ANSWER, come find out.

Due to limited capacity please RSVP to The event is focused on Impact Investors, Environmental Leaders, Energy Professionals, C-Suite Executives, and Foundations/NGOs.

This event is part of the Energy Transition program of Climate Week NYC.