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Singing Winds
Albemarle Playground, Kensington, Brooklyn, NY 11218
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The Hummingbird Festival

The Hummingbird Festival is a multicultural community-based festival, featuring art, crafts, games, food, music, dance and storytelling performances reflecting the diversity of the Kensington neighborhood of Brooklyn.

In 2019, The Hummingbird Festival will highlight folk art traditions from Mexico, Bangladesh and the Caribbean Islands that repurposes waste materials and multilingual stories from around the world that explore man's relationship with his natural environment. The Festival is targeted for families with children ages 3 - 12, living in Kensington and attending PS 230, PS 179, PS 164, PS 131 and PS 130.

Founded in 2011 by a team of artists, educators and public school parents, The Singing Winds offers cultural festivals, storytelling events and workshops that reflect the diversity of Kensington, Brooklyn and explore the creative use of public space to build community in a multilingual neighborhood.

This event is part of the Youth and Climate Activism program of Climate Week NYC.