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American Institute of Architects New York Committee on the Environment
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How Low Can We Go?

How Low Can We Go – Historic Preservation and Carbon Reduction Engaging Strategies For the Preservation of Existing and Historic Buildings in the Age of Resilience and Increasingly Low Carbon Targets

Join us for a panel discussion that explores the intersection of preservation and sustainability within the context of the recent legislation that passed in New York City to lower its collective carbon emissions. The Climate Mobilization Act will unleash a forced evolutionary phase on the city in the name of carbon reduction, testing the sometimes oppositional interests of these two factions within the architectural milieu. Thousands of historic and existing buildings will be forced to adapt to the times. A new crop of performance-based techniques and metrics is arising to monitor, assess, and direct the future of these buildings, a large percentage of the urban fabric, to further its evolution. In this event, experts from these dual fields talk about the complications of preservation in the age of sustainability.


  • Jill Gotthelf, AIA FAPT, Principal, Walter Sedovic Architects
  • Cory Rouillard, AIA, LEED AP, Associate Partner, Jan Hird Pokorny Associates
  • Jeff Murphy, FAIA, LEED AP, Partner, Murphy Burnham & Buttrick
  • Paula Zimin, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Director, Sustainable Building Services, Steven Winter Associates

Moderator: Scott Henson, AIA, CPHD, Principal, Scott Henson Architect

This event is part of the Clean Transport, Buildings and Infrastructure program of Climate Week NYC.