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Halving Food Loss and Waste by 2030

Can the world achieve all it needs to in order to halve food loss and waste by 2030? Or in a decade’s time will we face an insurmountable mountain of food wasted between farms and people’s plates – and the resulting social, environmental and economic consequences?

Join Champions 12.3 for a candid look at food loss and waste around the world, from farms to business supply chains to household kitchens. This event will shine a light on reasons for hope, even as the pandemic reveals deep problems in the food system, and lay out an urgent call for bigger and bolder action.

Champions 12.3 is a coalition of executives from governments, businesses, international organizations, research institutions, farmer groups, and civil society dedicated to inspiring ambition, mobilizing action, and accelerating progress toward achieving SDG Target 12.3 by 2030.