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Greenwashing: a risk Boards can't ignore

Investors and regulators watch for double standards on climate action

2020 has marked the urgency for business leaders to understand and monitor external risks, including environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues. Boards of Directors and senior leaders have been forced to question their risk management approaches and overall governance strategies, particularly around risks related to climate change.

Climate change presents perhaps the greatest systemic risk of our time and yet, companies are unprepared. Data shows that the majority of corporate disclosures on climate change related risks are quite generic, with very few companies being transparent about risk mitigation strategies and related impacts. This begs the question - which companies are for real and which ones are just greenwashing?

As regulators mandate corporate disclosure on specific climate risk mitigation activities and investors start to ask tougher questions, companies need to better prepare - or get left behind.

Join the live conversation with Datamaran, The Conference Board, and DLA Piper to find out how senior leaders can showcase authentic leadership and stay one step ahead of changing regulatory and investor expectations. Learn about the latest regulatory developments, including the EU Green Taxonomy, which mandates corporate disclosure on all environmental objectives by 2023.

The discussion will also feature a preview of the key climate-related insights from an exclusive Global Insights Report on “The three biggest wake-up calls for Boards in 2020”, to be published in November by Datamaran and The Conference Board. All registrants to this Climate Week event will receive an advanced copy of the report prior to its official launch.