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Forest Positive Leadership – a conversation with Chief Almir Narayamoga Surui

As the Brazilian Amazon forests continue to be menaced by fires and acts of illegal deforestation, one of Brazil’s and South America’s most respected thought leaders, Chief Almir Narayamoga Surui, from the Paiter-Surui tribe, gives us an inside view of the current situation, including the arrival of Covid-19 virus to his community, and his people’s ongoing fight and action against deforestation.

Chief Almir is a man with big ideas and a long-term vision. He acts global and thinks local. He has partnered with Google Earth in order to create an indigenous forest map to track deforestation. The Paiter-Surui also became the first indigenous people to develop a Forest Carbon Project to finance reforestation through the sale of carbon offsets. They also created the first university for the indigenous peoples entirely dedicated to building a sustainable forest. His higher mission is to teach people to work with the Forest to develop sustainable reforestation practices and create added value for the forest and its people.

Also joining in for the discussion:

Thomas Pizer, Founder and President of the Geneva-based association, which supports indigenous peoples in their struggle to safeguard their cultures and the primary forest in Brazil. The association supports the projects of the Surui people who have planted more than 200,000 trees in 10 years.

Victor Galaz, Deputy Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University in Stockholm, Sweden, whose research focuses on the Earth’s climate’s tipping point scenarios. This research has helped build a case for governments, private sector entities and individuals to take speedy and measurable steps towards climate action.

Corey Klemmer, Domini’s Director of Corporate Engagement, and in charge of the Domini Forest Project, will be interviewing Chief Almir Surui and animating the discussion. The Domini Forest Project, a multi-year initiative, expresses the firm’s ongoing commitment to promoting a forest-positive economy by strengthening its investment criteria to reflect the urgent need to protect forests and by engaging with companies, NGOs and organizations on long-term forest value creation.