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Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space and Green Maps
155 Avenue C, New York New York, 1009
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6:00:00 PM
8:00:00 PM
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Exhibition Tour: How Green is my City?

Please join us for a tour of the How Green Is My City? exhibition led by the director of Green Maps. The exhibition is brought to you through a special partnership between the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) and the Green Map System. The mission of MoRUS is to preserve the history of grassroots activism and promote environmentally-sound, community-based urban ecologies.

Originating on the Lower East Side, the locally-led Green Map movement is returning to its roots, impacting 65 countries along the way. In 1995, Green Map System created a new way to use mapmaking for social change and shared their ideas, toolkit and outcomes to spark vibrant connections between people and the place where they live. The nonprofit’s adaptable toolkit has been creatively applied by agencies, institutions, innovators, activists and community groups to challenge perceptions of local nature, culture, social justice and green living while encouraging eco-smart habits and informed actions.

Bringing the roots and trajectory into focus, this exhibit by Green Map’s leadership team will generate new answers to the question “How Green Is My City?”. Featuring locally made Green Maps from NYC and cities around the world, the exhibit shares the project’s trajectory and local impacts on public policy, climate change, social movements, along with sustainability projects of all kinds. Come explore new directions to a healthier common future.

Please RSVP through our Facebook so that we can safely hold the event: