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ESG Leadership & Net Zero Emissions

Sustainability Roundtable Inc (SR Inc) is the leader in outsourced environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management. SR Inc has worked with more than 80 Fortune 500 and growth companies for multiple years.

During our Q3 webinar, we’ll hear from SR Inc Member-clients from world-leading technology firms such as Nasdaq, Synopsys and Wayfair on two topics: (1) ESG Leadership in “A World On Fire”, and; (2) A Net Zero 2020 Vision.

The first half of the webinar will examine how high performance in managing ESG issues extends beyond process optimization to public leadership on key issues shaping stakeholder decisions, including identifying and seizing a competitive advantage. The second half of the webinar will examine how leaders are driving to Net Zero Emissions in the Covid-19 crisis, as scaling global companies recognize that developing a path to Net Zero Emissions is increasingly a social imperative in 2020 that can include VPPAs and Scope 3.

This event is geared towards corporate sustainability, CSR or real estate/workplace professionals. If you are interested in attending, please email