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National Geographic Encounter
226 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036
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Encounter: Climate Change

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey is a virtual ocean in Times Square where you travel through the Pacific to see, hear and feel its greatest wonders – all without getting wet. Dive in where high tech meets the deep sea!

Sustainability and protection of our planet are huge priorities at National Geographic Encounter. While visitors are taking a virtual tour through the deep sea, our tour guides give a wide array of information regarding our wildlife, ecosystems and how important it is to treat our planet with love. Besides the information given verbally, our exhibit displays extensive signage regarding the dangers of pollution and it’s effects on our planet and the species (many endangered) in the sea. Additionally, the very essence of our business is sustainable. We provide interaction with wildlife without removing any plants or animals from their natural habitats. Paving ways for attractions to follow suit in providing entertainment and information in a sustainable fashion.

Use the Climate Week NYC discount code 'OCCLIMATE' for $10 off your ticket from September 22nd to September 30th, 2019.


  • Open daily at 10:00am
  • Sunday-Thursday until 9:00pm
  • Friday-Saturday until 10:00pm (Last ticket sold one hour prior to closing)

Use the hashtags #ClimateWeekNYC, #OceanOdyssey, and #NatGeoEncounter to let the world know your prioritization of our planet.

This event is part of the Food, Land and Nature-Based Solutions and Youth and Climate Activism programs of Climate Week NYC.