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AIANY Committee on the Environment
Center for Architecture, 536 Laguardia Place, New York, NY 10012
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Embodied Carbon: The Blind Spot 

The architecture, engineering and construction industry mostly ignores embodied carbon, even though it will account for almost half of total new global construction emissions between now and 2050.

This lecture will provide an overview of embodied carbon in the building industry, including:

  • Importance of embodied carbon
  • Relevant policies and standards
  • Building LCA software tools
  • Embodied carbon of key materials (concrete, steel, wood)
  • Design strategies for reducing embodied carbon

Speaker: Anthony Pak, P.Eng., MSc., Principal, Priopta – Life Cycle Assessment for Buildings

Organized by the American Institute of Architects NY Committee on the Environment. Sponsorship by AISC. An associated Embodied Carbon Workshop with guided discussions and brainstorming on the topic will be held in the afternoon at the Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex).

This event is part of the Clean Transport, Buildings and Infrastructure program of Climate Week NYC.