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The Economist Experiential: The Known Unknowns of Plastic Pollution

The Economist Experiential: The Known Unknowns of Plastic Pollution

The Economist this month unveiled a new experiential marketing program encouraging New Yorkers to challenge their assumptions about plastic pollution and its effect on ocean health. Entitled” “The Known Unknowns of Plastic Pollution” the activation comprises of a food cart wrapped in recycled bottle caps and a plastic exchange scheme. Plastic collected can be recycled for change which is contributed to ‘Sure We Can’, a non-profit recycling center which offers food and general community space for homeless people in New York. This is accompanied by a coffee giveaway in an edible cup highlighting alternatives to single use plastics.

As a group, we strive to lead the debate regarding the pursuit of progress around the world. We provide actionable insights connecting the dots between business, politics, technology and culture.

Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time and it will reshape every aspect of society and the global economy, from politics to migration, financing to supply chains. It’s a natural topic for The Economist to take a stance on. It’s a global crisis and real change can only happen through global coordination.

Our readers are the “globally curious”, and by including a climate article in every section of the paper, the editors are emphasising how climate affects every aspect of the world in which we live.

Meanwhile, The Economist Group is supporting this week’s Economist climate issue by initiating a range of eco-friendly commercial activities including:

  • Moving from plastic wrap to a 100% home compostable starch-based Bio-Plast film for UK subscribers ·
  • Offering New Yorkers a free coffee in an edible cup, from a pop up cart made of repurposed plastic bottle cap art, in exchange for plastic trash
  • Running a new reader offer across all on-the-ground experiential activity; for every new subscription, a tree will be planted in The Economist Forest
  • Participating in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Lion’s Share event at the United Nations during UNGA/Climate Week. (An initiative aimed at transforming the lives of animals across the world by asking advertisers to contribute a percentage of their media spend to conservation and animal welfare projects)
  • Announcing our second Climate Risk Summit within the issue. Taking place in London on 1 July 2020, just four months ahead of the UK hosting COP26, our summit will ask how climate risk can be better assessed and managed

You can read the full issue here:

Find out where we are on our The Economist Food Moves page! Download the app to track our location at

This event is part of the Food, Land and Nature-Based Solutions program of Climate Week NYC.