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Royal DSM
476 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10018
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(973) 257-8449

DSM Luncheon on Purpose

At a multi-stakeholder event, organized by Royal DSM, Professor Rebecca Henderson from Harvard Business School will present new findings on Purpose-driven Companies and the Future of Capitalism.

Erika Fry, senior writer at Fortune Magazine, who helped compile the recent Companies Changing the World feature, will moderate a panel of thought-leaders, featuring amongst others Sarah Williamson, CEO of FCLT (Focusing Capital on the Long Term), to discuss topics such as:
- In a world of purpose, what is the future of Corporate Social Responsibility?
- Do purpose and superior financial returns go hand-in-hand?
- How can the interests of business leaders and asset managers be better aligned?
- How to serve short- and long term: when many private investors have a 20-30 year horizon for their pensions, why do money managers focus on quarterly performance?

This event is by invitation only.