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11:00 AM (5:00 PM CET)
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Consumers to the rescue! Can labeling the environmental footprint of products help save the day?

In a crisis such as the one we are facing now, gaining the trust of consumers means being transparent about the impact your brand and products have on the environment, society and resources.  

However we have no more time and transparency is no longer enough. Immediate action including changes in our consumption behavior are required to even have a chance to reverse what is coming.  Consumers know this and want to be able to make more informed and sustainable consumption choices.

In this session we will focus on how labeling the environmental footprint of products (as an initial step) can help brands be more transparent and take immediate action by enabling sustainable consumption. 

Moderator: Helena Mueller, Co-founder Doconomy / Head of Åland Index Solution

Jaye Buchbinder, Head of Sustainability for Emeco

Leonore Garnier, Head of Sustainable Development for the French Federation of Haute Couture & Fashion

Jad Finck, VP Innovation & Sustainability Allbirds

Mats Landén, Senior manager Corporate Partnerships WWF Sweden

Kristina Kloberdanz, Chief Sustainability Officer Mastercard

Sandra Noonan, Chief Sustainability Officer, Just Salad

About Doconomy

Doconomy, a Swedish impact fintech company, aims to provide digital solutions to help us all live in a more sustainable way. We believe that people want to contribute to save the planet, but are hindered by insufficient tools to do so. 

Our solution for consumers is called DO. DO is a mobile banking service that enable users to understand the impact of their daily choices. This allows people to adjust behavior, and to compensate for their impact on the planet. We call it Everyday Climate Action. 

Our enterprise service, Åland Index, is a cloud-based service for climate impact calculations. Åland Index is the leading index solution for CO2 emission calculations for payments and financial transactions with over 1 000 000 users and growing. 

Our next generation transparency tool for brands and producers is called The 2030 Calculator. A Product Carbon Footprint Tool by Doconomy. The 2030 Calculator was launched by Doconomy with the ambition for product brands (and material suppliers), to better understand the carbon footprint of the products and materials they produce as well as provide the transparency that will allow consumers to make informed consumption choices.

Watch a recording of this session.