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Climate Cocktail Club

So the day has finally come - Climate Cocktail Club is crossing the pond and kicking off the New York Chapter (NYC)! Taking advantage of the energy Climate Week has to offer, the inaugural NYC will showcase some of the finest actors in the climate and sustainability space - not to debate (there is no debate on these topics), but to provide a war cry for renewed climate action.

The event hosts a panel of globally renowned leaders and a room packed to the rafters of engaged enthusiasts from across the private and public sphere, kindly lubricated by an open bar. Innovation and inspiration is the order of the day, and we'll have that in spades. The event will be packed to the full 150 capacity!

Set up

18:00-19:15 Arrival/drinks/networking

19:15-20:15 Welcome and panel

20:15-22:00 Drinks/networking

Welcome: Tom Popple, Co-Founder, Climate Cocktail Club, and Senior Manager Climate Change & Sustainability, Natural Capital Partners, Ray O'Neill, Co-Founder Climate Cocktail Club, and Co-Founder, Fincovi, Paige Janson, Chief Operating Officer, Resource Data Management, ENGIE Impact, Mike Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer, ENGIE Impact, and Luis Rabago, Communications, Director, Society, Diageo

Panel: Joel Makower, Co-Founder and Chairman, GreenBiz Group (Panel Chair); Rasmus Skov, Head of Sustainability, Ørsted; Clemence Schmid, Brand and Retail Partnership Loop Global, TerraCycle; Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, Sustainability Leader, GE Renewable Energy, and Robert Metzke, Chief of Staff Innovation & Strategy, Global Head Sustainability, Philips 

Join us for (complimentary) drinks, entertainment, brain feeding and networking - BOOK NOW! Spaces are limited. Funds go towards hosting costs for the event. Entry only permitted ages 21 and over. ID will be checked.

The climate emergency requires action at scale - The Climate Cocktail Club (CCC) is an inspiration and action led collaboration platform for professionals who are committed to solving the climate crisis, and just so happen like cocktails (beer or any other glass-based refreshment!).

CLIMATE – responding to the CLIMATE EMERGENCY and creating a platform for scaling action globally.

COCKTAIL – removing the echo chamber of the sustainability sector and recognizing climate action requires a MIX OF THE MANY not just the few.

CLUB – sparking collaboration within and across borders, professions and comfort zones through global COMMUNITY OF CLUBBERS, reducing the requirement to fly around the world to solve the climate crisis.

Join the clubber movement:

This event is part of the Climate Finance, Investment and Carbon Pricing program of Climate Week NYC.