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Climate Art for Congress

It’s difficult to consider the other crisis — the climate crisis — in the midst of Covid. But it’s also imperative. Legislation passed now in response to the virus can either greatly worsen, or greatly improve, our prospects for climate progress. For example, legislation can either support clean energy and climate justice initiatives, or it can instead provide bailout money and other relief to fossil fuel companies, which have been aggressively seeking to exploit the Covid crisis.

Our goal is for students at all grade levels to create 1000 illustrated notes over the Congressional recess for us to send to their representatives in the House and the Senate (the recess ends April 19). More Covid legislation is coming up. Your notes will ask representatives to emphasize in those bills the equitable transition to a clean energy economy — in other words, to focus on the fundamental right of all young people to a livable future.

Young people can’t vote, but they have agency and a huge stake in what’s happening. We’ve seen high school students take a leadership role on climate over the last two years. With this initiative, we seek to elevate the voices of younger children as well.

You can move us in the right direction by following the steps listed here.

The Covid crisis has already caused profound loss and suffering, and will leave us with a very different world. Rather than compounding these terrible human costs by hindering action on climate, which would cause even greater human trauma, we must insist on ambitious climate policy now to improve our future. Again, the bills to be passed in the weeks and months to come can take either a negative or a positive direction on this.

This campaign is ongoing through the month of April.