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Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership with Partners We Are Still In, Step Up Now, and The Guardian and Sponsors: Facebook and Enel
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Climate Action Across the Atlantic

We Are (All) Still In: Stepping Up Climate Action Across the Atlantic - A Business, City and Subnational Actor Reception, co-hosted by We Are Still In, Step Up Now, and The Guardian

On both sides of the Atlantic, the pace of climate action and the level of climate ambition is accelerating. This reception will be co-hosted by two growing coalitions of subnational leaders: We Are Still In – the largest coalition of leaders outside the US federal government established in pursuit of climate action to support the Paris Agreement – and Step Up Now – a platform advocating to scale up the response to climate change in Europe over the next decade.

Hear how leaders from cities, states, businesses, investors, colleges and other institutions are working together to deliver on the commitments of the Paris Agreement in a lively panel discussion moderated by The Guardian. Panelists will reflect on the importance and power of subnational coalitions of actors in the US and in Europe to help push the world towards limiting and stabilizing warming at 1.5˚C to align with the findings from science.

The discussion will shine a spotlight on the importance of city, state and non-state actors setting ambitious targets and working together – several panelists will have new announcements to make. The event will also underline the latest science on the devastation that climate change is causing to our world captured in the IPCC Oceans/Cryo Report, which will be released earlier that day.

Please register to attend by September 22nd to gain access to the event:

This event is part of the State, City and Local Action program of Climate Week NYC.