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Convene, 237 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021
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Building Tomorrow's Cities

An exciting panel discussion and networking event, hosted by Rockwool, on constructing fuel-efficient cities that are also resilient to climate change. 

Climate change is an imperative issue that needs to be addressed. Cities have the power to change the world and are the most vulnerable to climate change. According to the IEA, in 20 years fossil fuels will still represent up to 60% of the energy generation mix. At the same time, buildings consume over one-third of the energy produced and account for around 30% of CO2 emissions. The highest untapped low-cost energy efficiency potential in mature countries is in the building sector, as per IEA research. 

This panel discussion will focus on the following themes:

  • Cities role in climate change mitigation and resiliency 
  • The role of energy efficiency and renovation in achieving the Paris climate goals 
  • The necessity of building energy renovation doubling to meet climate change targets
  • The needed collaboration between central government, cities, private corporations, and individuals based on long-term incentives to double building energy renovation


The full title of the event is: Building tomorrow’s cities today - Renovation Roadmap for our cities.