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Sustaining All Life and United to End Racism
4 West 43rd St, New York, NY 10036
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Bringing Labor & Climate Justice Movements Together for a Sustainable Future

Workers, labor, climate justice activists, and all people have a common interest in a sustainable future. Working together to achieve that future is not only desirable but possible and necessary. It will require an unprecedented amount of unity and cooperation among people everywhere in every sector.

In this workshop led by labor leaders we will:

  • Provide information about how we have organized to make sure all voices are valued and heard, understand our differences, and unite around our common interests as workers who share the same planet.
  • Consider the divisive effects of racism, genocide, classism, and other oppressions on our work together.
  • Learn the approaches used by Sustaining All Life and United to End Racism to heal from the damage of oppression, increase our effectiveness in the climate justice movement, and prevent burnout.

This event is part of the Health, Equality and Justice program of Climate Week NYC.