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Data-Driven Environmental Policy Lab
866 UNP (United Nations Plaza), 24 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011
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Blockchain for Climate Action Tracking

This roundtable meeting will focus on the practical opportunities to use emerging digital technologies, including blockchain ledgers and smart contracts, internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence, to streamline and incentivize data collection, monitoring, verification, and analysis. It will convene climate action policy experts, climate platform managers, and practitioners working at the intersection blockchain and climate accounting to discuss the practical opportunities that distributed ledger technologies present and explore how they can be leveraged for collaborative accounting networks.

In particular, it will focus on the following questions:

  • How can a blockchain-based system solve the existing problems with climate action tracking?
  • Who are the primary actors, verifiers and users that might participate in this ecosystem and what requirements might they have for engagement?
  • What design components would be needed to mobilize a “Blockchain for Climate Action Tracking” (B-CAT) system (i.e., protocols, incentive mechanisms, accounting rules)?
  • How can distributed ledger technology (e.g., blockchain) be applied to automate incentive schemes and protocols that can address identified data and knowledge gaps in non-state climate action?
  • How can we design governance systems to ensure participants are fairly represented and for the system to remain accountable?
  • What are the potential impacts and challenges in the science of tracking climate action with this new blockchain framework?
  • How could such a system get climate actors, people and existing platforms onboard?

Please email if you are interested in attending. 

This event is part of the State, City and Local Action program of Climate Week NYC.