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Alpha'a Inc
Habitas NY, 240 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001
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Artivism Welcome Reception

A welcome reception, followed by a roundtable and a Q&A for the Artivism Challenge, an art exhibition that leverages the universal appeal and emotional power of art, to raise awareness for six critical issues impacting our ocean.

As a part of the Artivism Challenge, emerging and established artists from around the world were encouraged to create or nominate an art piece that addresses one of the following issues: sea level rise, plastic pollution, overfishing, coral bleaching, dead zones and the need for more marine protected areas. A judging panel composed of internationally renowned names including Dustin Yellin, Susan Rockefeller, Aaron Levi Garvey, Doumi Busturia, Alexandre Arrechea and Zaria Forman selected the12 winning pieces on display.

The Roundtable will feature: 

Manuela Seve, Co-founder and CEO of Alpha'a Inc (Moderator) 

  • Manuela initiated her career in finance (Fundamental Equity analysis at Gavea Investments) and has always been involved in the Latin American art scene through her family, the Seve family is one of the most traditional players in Brazilian modern art. Her experiences in the startup space include the founding of Geração Alpha, alongside other enterprises such as the think tank Quinto (an organization created to Brainstorm and execute projects in the M&A and VC universe).

Joshua Tosteson, Impact Investor  

  • Lifelong dedication to serving people and planet in the journey to sustainability. Seasoned entrepreneur, leader and change agent across diverse organizational settings, including start-ups, non-profit, business, and academia. Deep knowledge of supply chain and market-driven sustainability, food and agriculture, climate change. P&L responsibility for $35M+ budgets and 250+ staff worldwide. Extensive international experience. Dynamic strategist, programmatic innovator, systems thinker, and effective manager of complex operations. Committed mentor, educator, and cultivator of talent. Team player, trusted colleague, and relationship builder. Dedicated to the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct in personal and business affairs.

Lea D'Auriol, Founder of Oceanic Global 

Valentino Vettori, artists and retail designer focused on sustainability 


Please RSVP to 


About Valentino Vettori

Having worked for more than 20 years in the fashion industry, Valentino Vettori’s focus now is the creation of experiential retail design. Leveraging new technologies, mixed medias, and reengineering how customers interact within the physical space, his main objective is to inspire and evoke emotions and memories within the consumers visiting his installations

While Fashion represents the majority of his clientele, Valentino personal focus is to create a new sustainable platform of environmental interactive installations.

His new company “ARCADIA” represent not only a new business adventure but also a new standard in his everyday living.