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Alpha'a Inc
86 Orchard New York, NY 10002
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(646) 763-4523
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Artivism Challenge

An art exhibition that runs from October 10th to November 17th that leverages the universal appeal and emotional power of art, to raise awareness for six critical issues impacting our ocean.

As a part of the competition, emerging and established artists from around the world were encouraged to create or nominate an art piece that addresses one of the following issues: sea level rise, plastic pollution, overfishing, coral bleaching, deadzones and the need for more marine protected areas. A judging panel composed of internationally renowned names including: Dustin Yellin, Susan Rockefeller, Aaron Levi Garvey, Doumi Busturia, Alexandre Arrechea and Zaria Forman selected the12 winning pieces on display.

The Artivism Challenge was created by New York-Based ocean conservation organization, Oceanic Global Foundation, and Brazilian-founded art marketplace, Alpha’a Inc.