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Ice911 Research
584 Broadway, Suite 603, New York, NY 10012
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(650) 434-6034

Artic Weather Nexus

This interactive event will show the public how changes in the Arctic, which has lost 80% of its ice since 1979, are directly causing extreme weather and temperature increases in the mid-latitudes like the United States. Arctic ice loss has now been attributed to the Nor'easter storms, drought in California, wildfires, and up to 1/2 of temperature rise. We'll help explain this phenomenon and introduce Ice911's solution for restoring lost Arctic ice in a fun interactive event with refreshments.

There will be an introduction, Q&A, and public discussion with the team of Ice911 Research, a Silicon Valley moonshot aiming to apply safe, reflective silica sand in a strategic location of the Arctic to restore lost ice, lower global temperatures, and lessen extreme weather across the globe.

Ice911 uses a three-pronged process of testing its material in the Arctic, monitoring its Arctic test site with proprietary equipment, and conducting climate modeling with Arctic dynamics experts. Ice911’s solution has been developed over 10 years of R&D, with 3 seasons of tests at its Arctic test site and an abatement cost of $0.26 per tonne of CO2 due to its outsize impact. It is grounded in pragmatism, using a minimal amount of silica sand, which is present in the ocean in orders-of-magnitude greater than the amounts Ice911 proposes to apply, and, yet, can have an outsize impact on stabilizing global climate and improving the health of our global ocean and terrestrial ecosystems.