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Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, New York, NY 10065 170 0E 64th Street
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Altering the Climate (2)

Altering the Climate: Youth and the Tough Decisions Ahead (2)

Presented by the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G) and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Some scientists suggest we could spray the stratosphere to help lower global temperatures. Critics say that’s a crazy idea, and much too dangerous to contemplate. Who decides, and how? How would we govern these technologies? What role should young people play in these decisions, now, and over the decades?

Join Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative, with Pablo Suarez and Roop Singh from the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, in support of the UN Youth Climate Summit, for a thought-provoking game exploring some of the knottiest questions in climate – where nothing is certain, and time is counting down. Max 40 participants, book soon!

Coffee and snacks will be served before and lunch will be served after the event from 1:00-2:00pm. We welcome participants to stay for lunch to continue the discussion. If participants would like to stay for the ClimateVision event that begins at 2:00pm, please RSVP for both events.

(Note: we will run 2 identical sessions of Altering the Climate, so please choose only one. Also, please note that these sessions will be filmed, both by C2G, and by a visiting documentary crew. Participants will be invited to give their consent to be filmed.)

These tickets are reserved for youth participants of the UN Youth Climate Summit. If under 18, please bring a parent/guardian/chaperone. There are tickets available for a parent/guardian/chaperone to accompany youth participants. Members of the press and UN officials who would like to observe the game may also send an email to for access.

This event is part of the Youth and Climate Activism program of Climate Week NYC.