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Aligning Stimulus with Energy Transformation

In this webinar a panel of energy experts discuss the impact of national stimulus programmes to drive the Renewable Energy transition. The pandemic has shown power grids can remain stable while record-breaking amounts of renewable power can be integrated at lower cost than locking in carbon intensive energy.

To avoid making the same mistakes as the GFC and exposing the energy sector to stranded assets and the economy to future shocks it’s vital that stimulus packages are aligned with the energy transition.

This webinar will include a panel of experts discussing the potential to unlock stimulus to realise a sustainable recovery, powered by renewable energy. It is designed to inform government and energy sector leaders as they consider their next vital steps.

Host: Sushil Purohit, President, Energy Business & Executive Vice President, Wärtsilä


Mark Campanale, Founder & Executive Chairman, Carbon Tracker Initiative

Matt Allen, Co-founder and CEO, Pivot Power

Richard Bridle, Senior Policy Advisor and Lead, Renewable Energy, International Institute for Sustainable Development

Sarah Golden, VERGE Energy Conference Chair and Senior Energy Analyst, GreenBiz Group

Wärtsilä Energy in brief

Wärtsilä Energy leads the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future. We help our customers unlock the value of the energy transition by optimising their energy systems and future-proofing their assets. Our offering comprises flexible power plants, energy management systems, and storage, as well as lifecycle services that ensure increased efficiency and guaranteed performance. Wärtsilä has delivered 72 GW of power plant capacity in 180 countries around the world.