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Aligning Corporate Lobbying with Climate

It is increasingly apparent that impacts from climate change pose not just financial and material risks to companies and industries, but in fact pose systemic risk to financial markets writ large. Given the nature of this risk, all corporate action—including corporate lobbying—should be proportional to the risk faced and aligned with the latest science on climate change. More and more investors understand that corporate lobbying that is not aligned with climate science is an investment risk. Ceres Blueprint on Responsible Policy Engagement on Climate Change provides detailed recommendations for how companies can align their risk, governance, and lobbying on climate change with the latest climate science and drive “risk aware” climate lobbying.

In this session, participants will:

  • Examine growing consensus around the systemic risk of climate change
  • Identify corporate systems to better align all direct and indirect lobbying with climate risk assessments.
  • Explore opportunities to publicly advocate for science based climate policy
  • Evaluate how trade association engagement could be used to make a positive impact on climate policy

Moderator: Anne Kelly, Vice President, Government Relations, Ceres


  • Brad Figel, VP Government Relations, Mars
  • Megan Lorenzen, Sustainability Manager, Salesforce
  • Veena Ramani, Senior Program Director, Capital Market Systems, Ceres
  • Val Smith, Chief Sustainability Officer, CitiGroup
  • Hugh Welsh, General Counsel, Secretary & President DSM North America
  • Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)