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2020 Zero Emission Bus Conference

The annual Zero Emission Bus Conference is the premier event for planners, leaders, fleet operators, and technology experts interested in innovating the bus transportation industry with electric vehicle technology. The conference brings together hundreds of industry stakeholders to discuss real strategies for transportation innovation and to learn more about how to prepare for electrification at scale. The 2019 conference in San Francisco, CA drew more than 500 attendees from across the world and we anticipate more virtual attendees this year! This year's 2020 Zero Emission Bus Conference will be held online and will feature a curated series of webinars and panels as well as networking forums to facilitate stakeholder dialogue. The conference is complimentary and will take place on September 15-17. We are also planning a virtual ZEB 101 class series to accompany the 2020 digital conference. The ZEB 101 class will be taught by CTE's experienced engineers and will provide an introduction to Zero-Emission Bus technology to anyone new to the conference. The ZEB conference has traditionally focused on the public transit application for ZEBs; this year we are also introducing conference content for new markets such as airport, university, and school bus fleets.The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) has hosted the Zero Emission Bus Conference for the past 11 years.

CTE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the health of our climate and communities by bringing people together to develop and commercialize clean, efficient, and sustainable transportation technologies. CTE collaborates with federal, state, and local governments, fleets, and vehicle technology manufacturers to complete our mission. We work with our partners to develop, promote, and implement advanced transportation technologies, vehicles, and fuels that reduce environmental pollution and fossil fuel dependency. Since 1993, we've helped US companies move their zero-emission technologies to market, successfully taking hundreds of fossil-fueled vehicles off the road. Currently, we are heavily involved in helping transit agencies, school districts, and private entities deploy electric vehicles into their public bus, school bus, or logistics vehicle fleets. We've helped more than 70 transit agencies deploy more than 300 zero-emission buses. We also work closely with vehicle manufacturers, component providers, and fleet operators such as transit agencies and logistics organizations across the country to drive the change towards sustainable transit at every level. We estimate that we have prevented 47,003,550 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere through our 27 years of work.

This event is part of the Clean Energy Transition and Transport and Infrastructure programs.