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Hamburg, Germany
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September 20
September 27
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12th Hamburg Climate Week

Hamburg Climate Week is an independent grassroots initiative from the center of civil society and forms a platform with players from science, business and society to get involved in relevant environmental and climate protection issues.

The aim of Hamburg's Climate Week is to move from extensive knowledge about global climate change and its threats to tangible action - both individually and in the city as a whole.

Throughout the week, more than hundred events of various kinds are being organised on the subject of climate, environmental and social issues at numerous locations. At the main stage at Town Hall Square, high-profile speakers and renowned experts discuss urgent issues such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and migration as well as the challenges surrounding mobility, urban development and agriculture. The educational program, the cultural program, the side events and the sustainability fair organised by partners are designed to raise awareness among visitors.

Hamburg Climate Week is therefore aimed at very different target groups, because everyone should make their own contribution to climate protection.

Many actors and visitors have been enthusiastic about the diversity and high quality of the offerings of the Hamburg Climate Week. The Climate Week spans an exceptional arc between the latest scientific knowledge, some of which was visualized by the German Climate Computing Center especially for the Hamburg Climate Week, and young companies that offer products or services to counteract climate change in the framework of the theme park. In addition, the Climate Week also creates a high level of attention in the business world and motivates companies to present their ideas and products to the public. For example, the Hamburg Climate Week has launched the remarkable and first municipal solar offensive and is the most effective climate communication event in Germany.