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Clean Energy Transition

Businesses have a key role to play in accelerating the transition to a clean, renewables-based energy system that is compliant with a climate safe world. They need access to a large amount of reliable and affordable energy – around two thirds of the world’s electricity – and can accelerate renewables deployment through their procurement strategies. Companies will also design the technological innovations and low-carbon business models of tomorrow, which will enable greater and faster uptake of renewables.

The challenge is big – but the opportunities are even bigger, for both climate and the companies that are ready to embrace them through an active and strategic approach to their energy supply. However, the solutions space can be a confusing one: technologies are constantly evolving and are experiencing staggering costs reductions. Sourcing methods and energy markets are constantly disrupted, included by the increasing digitalization of energy systems. Finally, regulatory environments are hard to navigate - and sometimes nebulous.

This event will help companies to identify solutions to transition to 100% clean energy in a way that maximizes benefits for businesses and for climate. It will feature solutions developed by corporate buyers or suppliers and explore how companies can set themselves for success by embedding innovation in their sustainability approaches.