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212 Rome Street, Newark, NJ 07105, United States

We are an award-winning vertical farming company passionately solving agriculture's biggest challenges, growing real food for elevated flavor and a brighter future for all. HQ in Newark, NJ. Since 2004, we have been transforming agriculture with people and planet in mind. As a Certified B Corporation, we use the latest breakthroughs in indoor vertical farming, artificial intelligence and plant biology to fix our broken food system and improve the way fresh produce is grown and distributed locally and globally. We have built a proprietary agriculture platform to grow a wide array of products, delivering superior flavor, better quality and improved nutrition with the most sophisticated levels of traceability and food safety in our industry.

We have designed our operation to embody circular design and maximize output using less resources, allowing us to grow with up to 95% less water, up to 99% less land, zero pesticides and a fraction of the fertilizers compared to field farming. Our unique way of growing indoors allows us to grow fresh food at all times, no matter the climate, season or weather. This means fresh, flavorful, safe and consistent produce for our customers all year round. Overall, AeroFarms business model has been designed with some of today's toughest agricultural challenges in mind: population growth, water scarcity, arable land loss, overuse of pesticides, and supply chain challenges.