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Thursday July 09 General

Climate Week NYC Goes Global (Virtually)

Virtual events are now accepted as part of the official Climate Week NYC events program.

In order to make climate conversations accessible to all, Climate Week NYC welcomes virtual events hosted from anywhere in the world to ensure that climate action can still take place. We understand that this year poses unique challenges and will likely prevent in-person gatherings in September – but we must continue to build on the momentum we’ve seen in the last few years. From virtual ocean odysseys and climate ballets to sustainable investment workshops and TED talks, Climate Week NYC is full of possibilities.

Register your virtual event now to become an official part of the week.

Every year we say, “For New York, for the world” and this year, we look forward to expanding our programming to an even bigger global audience. Official Climate Week NYC events will focus on key themes, and attract influential business and government leaders from around the world and facilitate community engagement and action at all levels. Past event organizers include policy makers, international businesses, academic institutions, museums, community groups and non-profits who hosted panel discussions, concerts, exhibitions, seminars and more.

This year, our event program is categorized into ten program themes to guide participants in identifying events to attend:

  1. Clean Energy Transition
  2. Transport and Infrastructure
  3. Industry and Built Environment
  4. Finance, Investment and Jobs
  5. Food and Land Use
  6. Nature and Science
  7. US and International Policy
  8. Youth, Public Mobilization and Justice
  9. Sustainable Travel and Tourism
  10. Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Register your organization’s virtual event now.

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