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Wednesday August 05 Events

Climate Group Launches Events Program for Climate Week NYC 2020

The official Climate Week NYC 2020 events program is now live. For the first time ever, Climate Week NYC now includes virtual events from all over the world and we’ve invited a global audience. The week will be filled with dynamic conversations to drive climate action. From virtual ocean odysseys and climate ballets to sustainable investment workshops and TED talks, Climate Week NYC brings together a diverse range of events.

Climate Week NYC takes place September 21-27, 2020. As the largest climate summit taking place this year, it’s the go-to destination to stay engaged on the climate crisis. Climate Week NYC will explore what lessons we can learn in the pursuit of a net-zero future through just transition and how we can build a better future for both people and planet.

Adam Lake, Head of Climate Week NYC, said: “We’re really excited that Climate Week NYC is going to be able to bring together so many important events and conversations, both in New York City and around the world.

With an understandably strong focus on digital events this year, we’re grateful to work with Facebook to help support event organizers use tools and platforms to host events and connect with the climate community. Together, Climate Week NYC 2020 will be the most engaging, inclusive and truly global Climate Week we’ve ever seen.”

Facebook is supporting Climate Week NYC to enhance the digital experience for both event organizers and the global community. Through Facebook and Instagram, audiences will be able to take action right from their couches.

Edward Palmieri, Director of Sustainability at Facebook, said: “This year, we are honored to be partnering with the Climate Group to bring people together from around the world in support of climate action. Partnering with industry leaders such as the Climate Group is a core part of Facebook’s strategy to address climate change and we are excited to continue our involvement in Climate Week NYC to help accelerate solutions.”

The events program this year is organized by ten programs, including Youth, Mobilization and Justice, Industry and the Built Environment, Sustainable Travel and Tourism, Clean Energy Transition and more.

Miranda Massie, Director of the Climate Museum, said:Last year we hosted or participated in more than ten Climate Week NYC events—not to mention the many more we joined as attendees! Climate Week NYC is a profoundly meaningful convening, more so than ever this year as we grapple together with the challenge and promise of an unprecedented moment, making connections for collective action on climate across the world.”

The full Climate Week NYC events program is available on our website and on the new Climate Week NYC app that will launch in mid-August.

For media inquiries, please email media@theclimategroup.org

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