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Sustain the Vote
32 Old Slip 24th floor New York, NY 10005
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Sustain the Vote Launch

Join us for Sustain the Vote’s launch during New York’s 2017 Climate Week. Sustain the Vote’s vision is a future where an informed electorate and elected officials agree that an economically vibrant Tri-State region depends on clean energy, resiliency, and equitable and sustainable infrastructure. We will make clean energy, resiliency, and equitable and sustainable infrastructure central to the Tri-State region’s political discourse by building an advocacy channel for constituents to empower candidates to champion these issues in political races. We hold our elected officials accountable for contributing to progress on these issues and support candidates in local, state, and national offices who reflect our values.

At our September 20th launch event, we will discuss how Sustain the Vote can contribute to making clean energy, resiliency, and equitable and sustainable infrastructure central to the New York political discourse. Join us for an interactive session and meet fellow New Yorkers who care about these issues. Learn more about this new advocacy group of supporters for sustainable infrastructure and clean energy. During the launch meeting, we will engage in an activity to leverage our collective voice to inform the candidates for New York City Council that sustainable infrastructure and clean energy is an important issue to New Yorkers. 

Sustain the Vote was formed following the 2016 U.S. Presidential election by some members from two groups - the Cleantech Party for Hillary and the Women for Hillary in Climate, Sustainability and Infrastructure. Although previously distinct, these groups were united in their support for policies at the federal level that advanced clean energy, resiliency, and sustainable infrastructure.

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