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Innovation Forum and Tropical Forest Alliance 2020
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The Road to 2020: Accelerating Action to Remove Tropical Deforestation from Commodity Supply Chains

The Commodities and Forests Agenda 2020: Ten Priorities to Remove Tropical Deforestation from Commodity Supply Chains, prepared by Climate Focus and published by Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, is intended to serve as a framework for action at the global and regional level in order to accelerate progress in addressing commodity-driven deforestation.
By proposing a shared set of priorities, the Commodity and Forests Agenda 2020 aims to improve collaboration and coordination among stakeholders to address commodity-driven deforestation. 
Join this webinar, co-hosted by Innovation Forum and TFA 2020, to:
- Understand the 10 priority areas laid out in the Commodities and Forests Agenda 2020
- Learn how the findings in the report can inform your action plans 
- Hear from others leading successful partnerships 
- Identify opportunities for collaboration 

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