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LED City Lighting Roundtable

LED City Lighting Roundtable: Refocusing attention on LEDs as a priority #1 action on energy efficiency for US cities, utilities and policy makers

LED lighting in cities as a theme has received a lot of attention this past year with growing coverage of energy efficient lighting at national events. Our roundtable will review examples of large scale US city projects and solutions around LED tariffs, as well as new topics on approaches to city lighting design, colors and health, smart controls, asset management and wider city connectivity.

We will cover the remaining LED adoption challenges for cities and utilities, and explore some of the innovative finance approaches employed. In particular, we will explore examples to managing the stranded asset costs of existing lighting hardware which may have remaining operational life, and represent a financial barrier to immediate LED adoption.

Post COP 21, where nations made public commitments to increase energy efficiency, The Climate Group seeks to refocus attention to highlight LEDs as an urgent and immediate priority #1 action for cities and governments to increase their energy efficiency and realize energy savings of up to 50-70%. We also want to raise awareness of the high relative and immediacy of impact of LEDs compared to other low carbon actions available to cities.

Our invited participants for the roundtables are representatives from different stakeholder groups covering cities, utilities, local financiers, and agencies at national and regional levels who are able to provide insights from different stakeholder perspectives.