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Pratt Institute
Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Higgins Hall 61 St. James Place, Brooklyn, NY 11205
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HABITAT: Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our planet. There has never been a more important time to understand how to make the best use of local natural resources and to produce buildings that connect with ecosystems, livelihoods and inclusive cities.

The culmination of years of specialist research, “HABITAT: Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet”, is a once-in-a-generation large format publication, it gathers together an international team of more than one hundred leading experts across a diverse range of disciplines to examine what the traditions of vernacular architecture and its regional craftspeople around the world can teach us about creating a more sustainable future. For the first time HABITAT contributors will have an opportunity to share their ideas in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This session will be the first of a series of HABITAT Events taking place in New York, London, Brussels, COP23 Bonn and Paris which will explore global socio-economic and cultural potentials linked to technology development and transfer.

Barbara Anello-Adnani, Artist and Educator, The Pratt Institute, New York
Professor Jim Coleman, Economist, Head of Economics BuroHappold Engineering London
Mark Dike DeLancey, Director, Islamic World Studies Program and Associate Professor, Department of History of Art and Architecture DePaul University, Chicago
Dr Sandra Piesik, General Editor of HABITAT, Architect and Director of 3 ideas Ltd
Gray Read, Associate Professor, School of Architecture Florida International University
Karen Rizvi, Architect, Manager Capital Construction Finance, Wildlife Conservation Society, New York
Rajiv Wanasundera, Architect and Planner Lord, Aeck & Sargent Architecture, Atlanta