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Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 with Forest Trends
Rockefeller Foundation 420 5th Ave, New York City
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Going "All In” to Address Commodity-Driven Deforestation + film premiere of 'Stewards of the Forest'

If we are to avoid the worst effects of global climate change, it is imperative that we end deforestation.

This event will be an opportunity for everyone who has a stake in the no-deforestation agenda to join together, share insights, build awareness of existing efforts, align on action plans and strengthen partnerships.

The global movement to eliminate the deforestation that is embedded in the world’s global agricultural supply chains by 2020 has gained significant momentum. Back in 2010, the Consumer Goods Forum pledged to achieve zero net deforestation by 2020 in beef, soy, palm oil, pulp and paper supply chains. Since 2014, more than 190 government, non-governmental and corporate entities committed to the elimination of all deforestation driven by agricultural commodities by 2020 by signing the New York Declaration on Forests. Despite strong momentum, independent assessments indicate that the international community will miss its target of eliminating commodity-driven deforestation by 2020 if efforts are not increased and accelerated.

The Commodity and Forests Agenda 2020: Ten Priorities to Remove Tropical Deforestation from Commodity Supply Chains, published by Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 and launched during Climate Week NYC will set the scene. By proposing a shared set of priorities, the Commodity and Forests Agenda 2020 aims to improve collaboration and coordination among stakeholders to address commodity-driven deforestation.

In addition to a discussion with leading experts from Forest Trends, TFA2020, Climate Focus, McDonald's, CGF, CDP, WWF, TNC, RA, and others, Forest Trends' Communities Initiative will be premiering its short film, "Stewards of the Forest," during the event. Watch the trailer video here.

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