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We Mean Business and Statoil
Instituto Cervantes, 211 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017
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The Energy Transition - We Mean Business and Statoil Breakfast

A multi-stakeholder roundtable to explore constructive contributions towards the needed energy transition for a lower carbon future from the perspective of industry, the public and citizens.

Context and objective

The Paris climate change agreement has spurred rapid technological developments and accelerated changes in the energy system. However, the close relationship between the global economy and the energy system requires that governments and industry work facilitate a smooth transition to avoid the associated systemic risk.

Transforming the energy system in an economically stable manner will require collaboration across industries. More importantly facilitated dialogue amongst the private sector and state entities will be paramount to put in place the mechanisms necessary to drive further action within business.

While delivery in efficiency, policy and technological developments will be responsible in driving the transition, the role of behavioural and consumption changes is becoming equally as important. This has highlighted the need for the dialogue to be extended to communities. The question is therefore; how can energy companies, governments and consumers work together to deliver the ambitions of the Paris climate change agreement while ensuring the sustainable development needed to achieve the world we want?

This private roundtable discussion will explore different aspects of the energy transition; where we currently are; the rate of deployment; productivity; the role of electrification and carbon capture and storage (CCS) and how we can collaborate to achieve, and accelerate the transition to a lower carbon economy.

Discussants will include climate and energy analysts, oil and gas industry leaders on carbon emissions reduction as well as government and citizen- group representatives.

This event is invite only.