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Asia Society Policy Institute and CDP
725 Park Avenue New York, NY 10021
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Carbon Pricing Shifts in the Asia Pacific – Challenges and Opportunities

This roundtable discussion, hosted by the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), will bring together experts and practitioners from the public and private sectors to explore the latest developments in carbon markets in Asia and their potential implications for global economic actors. 

After decades of European leadership, the most impactful carbon market developments are now occurring in the Asia-Pacific. China is poised to fundamentally alter the global carbon pricing landscape when it launches the world’s largest emissions trading system later this year. This impressive goal brings a wealth of challenges, and months from the prospective launch questions remain on when the scheme will start, what the rules will be, where it will be housed, and who will participate. Meanwhile, the Republic of Korea has implemented major design changes and switched government authority for its ETS during 2017, Japan continues to scope future carbon pricing options, and countries from Singapore to Kazakhstan are developing and rolling-out nascent carbon pricing policies. 

This roundtable will provide expert analysis on carbon pricing trends in the Asia-Pacific and how they will likely affect regional economic and environmental developments. It will also foster discussion on how expert and practitioner communities can work together to drive efficient and impactful carbon pricing systems in Asia, and integrate these systems into global frameworks. In doing so, the roundtable will contribute to the ASPI initiative, Toward a Northeast Asia Carbon Market, and the CDP’s Carbon Pricing Corridors agenda. 

The roundtable is invitation only, if you are interested in participating please contact Ms. Minnie Shin at