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ClimateWorks Foundation
Grand Hyatt New York 109 E 42nd Street New York, NY 10017
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BUY CLEAN: How Purchasing Power Can Close the Carbon Loophole

As much as 22 percent of carbon emissions worldwide are caused by the manufacture of products destined for export, or embedded in supply chains. A substantial portion of these products are not subject to any in-country regulations on their emissions, and so pass through a “loophole” in climate policy.

A growing movement of governments and companies have embraced the concept of “Buy Clean” to address emissions which are produced outside their jurisdictions, but which relate to their own consumption. These climate leaders are closing the carbon loophole - and tackling the challenge of supply chain emissions head-on. The state of California is currently considering introducing Buy Clean legislation which would bring its spending of taxpayer dollars in line with the state’s climate goals.

During this panel discussion at Grand Hyatt New York, representatives from leading government agencies and private enterprise will share lessons learned from their efforts to close the carbon loophole.

ClimateWorks Foundation invites you to join us to learn about growing efforts to enact Buy Clean policies for both governments and private enterprises.


Event partners include: Office of the Governor of California, Mission 2020, Gerdau Steel, KGM & Associates, and the Children's Investment Fund Foundation.