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Sun Valley Institute, Generation Investment Management, Futerra, and the Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment Working Group
One Bryant Park New York, NY 10036
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Building Resilient Prosperity: How Public Leadership and Private Capital are Transforming Risk into Opportunity

Today there are more solutions, strategies and commitments to solving humanity’s greatest challenge than we’ve ever had before. In support of the 2017 Climate Week theme of Climate Optimism, this reception will gather government leaders, investors, businesses and technology innovators to have a timely and critical conversation about leadership and to accelerate our work transforming risk into opportunity.

From the devastating res and droughts to record oods and hurricanes, climate change is a rapidly increasing threat to our safety, security, health and economic growth. At the same time, addressing the causes of climate change presents very real opportunities for creating jobs, saving money, and strengthening communities. States and cities, businesses and investors are tackling climate change both to strengthen economies and to get ahead of the increasing threats presented by our changing climate. Proactive leadership, new sources and forms of capital, and public engagement are all required to build resilient communities and economies.

Since 2015, the annual Sun Valley Forum on Resilience is a setting for accelerating the action needed to build resilience, where leaders share strategies, present opportunities, and spark new collaborations. Join us during this Climate Week to continue to accelerate the growth of resilient prosperity. 

Welcome by Peter Knight, Generation Investment Management
Discussion: Transforming Risk Into Opportunity
In the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, fires, flooding and drought across the nation, how can we transform risk into opportunity?
How do we inspire urgency and optimism, mobilize individual action and catalyze investments? What are the strategies and tools that work now, at scale?
Dan Carol, Senior Advisor on Infrastructure and Energy, Office of Governor Brown, State of California
Jeff Goodell, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone and author, The Water Will Come
Paul Walsh, Director of Weather Strategy, The Weather Company
Lynn Scarlett, Managing Director, The Nature Conservancy
Freya Williams, CEO North America, Futerra

Aimee Christensen, Sun Valley Institute
Jay Koh, Lightsmith Group and Global Adaptation & Resilience Investment Working Group
Lila Preston, Generation Investment Management & Sun Valley Institute
Freya Williams, Futerra

This event is invite only.